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Tattoo Tourism

Tattoo Tourism

What is Tattoo Tourism?

Tattoo Tourism, Tattourism, or whatever else you call it, is essentially the act of taking a piece of amazing art home on you as you journey the worlds great destinations. Getting a tattoo when you travel is not a new idea and has become a growing part of the tattoo culture. Visiting different shops, exploring different styles, and meeting new artists that have expanded the art form can be as rewarding and inspiring as visiting any art museum.

It is well known that tattoo’s aren’t just for sailors and outlaws any more. All over the world, you can find people of all ages and from all walks of life with a piece of tattoo art that is as unique and meaningful as the person wearing it. Plus, who needs another tchotchke or knicknack to take home as a souvenir when you could bring back a piece of art with it’s own unique story and know that it will truly last a lifetime? Taking home a tattoo can also become about more than just the art, but about the creation of a more meaningful experience altogether. Those that have tattoo’s know that each tattoo has a story all its own and brings back a visceral memory of where you were and what was happening in your life when you got it.

So why Durango?

Durango and the greater Southwest has long been known for its rich cultural heritage, but what may be less well known is that the Southwest has an thriving arts culture as well and Your Flesh Tattoo is an important component to this community. Your Flesh Tattoo has been the premier tattoo & pierce studio in the Southwest for more than 15 years, and when you provide world-class work, people will come from all over the world to take a piece of the Southwest home with them. As soon as you walk in the door, you know that you are dealing with some of the best tattoo artists in the country that take the form seriously and care about providing only the best quality work.

In addition, Durango is also one of the most unique mountain towns in Colorado and in the US, which is why we have made it our home. With a plethora of outdoor beauty and unique adventures, a rich arts community, and a fascinating cultural heritage, it’s one of those special places in the world that sticks with you. Whether you are into climbing mountains, riding trains, checking out ancient ruins or anything in between, there are memories to be made here for any traveler. Add that to the fact that you can take a piece of amazing art home on you that will make those memories last a lifetime, and you have a vacation experience like no other you have ever had.

Getting a Tattoo when you Travel? Check out some tips:

  • Make sure that you are getting it from the best. Check out portfolios, examples of work, and talk to your artist to make sure they understand your vision for your tattoo.
  • Even if it’s a spur of the moment idea, take it seriously and make sure it’s a piece you will be proud of. You will have it for life.
  • Plan on water adventures before your tattoo. Tattoo’s need time to heal and that means no swimming, hot tubs or other water activities afterwards until healed.
  • Don’t over-do plans after your piece. Tattooing can be physically taxing so plan on relaxing days after your piece.
  • If flying, get after care lotion that is travel size and avoid TSA drama

Have Questions? Ready to book an appointment for your trip?

Call us or visit our contact us page. Part of our over 100 years of combined tattooing experience is that we know how to help answer your questions. Talk to the best tattoo artists in Durango and plan on taking an amazing piece of the Southwest home with you!