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Nic Montgomery

Posted by in on Mar 8, 2013 | 7 comments

Work by Durango Tattoo Artist Nic Montgomery


  1. What’s up Nic my name is Marlyn I live over in Cortez, just recently moved back from PA but I was wondering if I could set up a time with you to talk about a tattoo I’d like to get on my arm/shoulder. It’s actually the face of a really pretty hispanic woman but its also a skull. If you could let me know what hours/days are good for you I could see what would work for my schedule on a day I could come into the shop to talk a little more about it. My email is goldenmonro@gmail.com.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this message have a good day!


    • Hi Marlyn! could you send us your phone number and we can set up an appointment for you..Thanks!!!

  2. Hi Nic!
    This is an old client from back in ft. Lauderdale at Tatts. My name is Sam. You did about $1000 worth of a thigh piece with an ocean theme, but I moved to Tallahassee for college before we ever finished it. When I came back down you were already moved. So here I am, wondering if you remember me and very eager to finish this beautiful tattoo that you started. I have scheduled a consult with a guy here….seems like a biggish name.. Craig Beasley. Anyway, he is scheduled out to late August and I started thinking it would be nicer if I could find you and you could finish it instead. Maybe I could fly out this summer? Take a road trip? What do you think?


    • Hi Sam!!!
      Nic remembers you and sends his regards..it would be very possible to have your tattoo finished by Nic anytime this Summer. We have recommendations when it comes to lodging and Durango Colorado isn’t a bad place to visit period. If you want to give us a date when we can schedule it we can fit you in for sure. You can also call 970.259.2836 if you wanna chat. We are open seven days a week noon to six (mountainstandardtime)..Thanks for your interest..we hope to hear from you soon!!!
      you should make the trip!!

  3. Hey Nic,

    The Masonic tattoo you did for me is going to be in the next issue of Rocky Mountain Mason magazine


  4. Hi Nic, I was referred to you by Jona lee Lowe, we just moved here from AZ. I have a piece on my arm I want to add too. I want a flower and hummingbird added. My husband and I will be in Durango this wknd for our Anniversary, maybe I could stop by and make an appt :)
    Thx, Kristie

  5. Hello. I am looking to get something original by the artist. I saw some of your work on instagram

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